Submission Guidelines


Simple DCP accepts the following formats for file-based submissions:

Image Sequences:
  • 16-bit TIFF
  • 10-bit DPX
  • ProRes 4444 XQ
  • ProRes 4444
  • ProRes 422 HQ
  • ProRes 422
  • DNxHR 444
  • DNxHR HQ
  • DNxHR SQ
  • DNxHD
  • H.265
  • H.264 (Must be over 20 Mbps; High Profile)
Acceptable Color Spaces
  • sRGB
  • Rec709 2.2 gamma
  • Rec709 2.35 gamma
  • Rec709 2.4 gamma
  • P3 DCI
  • P3 D65

It is the filmmaker’s responsibility to check all source material thoroughly before deliver and specify the color space of their film.

All films where a color space is not given shall be assumed sRGB or Rec709 2.2 gamma

All source materials should be delivered in an RGB target color gamut. Only source materials color timed to P3 DCI color space will be accepted in XYZ’ target color gamut.


Discrete channels of 24-bit 48 kHz Linear PCM audio. If delivering as separate files (preferred), please deliver in AIFF, WAV, or BWAV format. We will not accept any muxed or compressed files including AC-3 or AAC files.

Required 5.1 Channel Assignment – SMPTE

  1. L – Left
  2. R – Right
  3. C – Center
  4. LFE – Low Frequency Effects
  5. Ls – Left Surround
  6. Rs – Right Surround



All DCPs are created to fit into one of the following container sizes.

HD/UHD (1.78:1)*FLAT (1.85:1)SCOPE (2.39:1)FULL (1.9:1)**
2K1920 x 10801998 x 10802048 x 8582048 x 1080
4K3840 x 21603996 x 21604096 x 17164096 x 2160

If your source material does not fit in one of the containers listed above, it will be letterboxed, pillarboxed, or resized to fit.

*It is recommended that HD/UHD content be formatted in a FLAT container to avoid projection issues.

**The FULL container resolution is the maximum resolution that can be achieved using a 2K or 4K DCI projector. We advise against using this resolution whenever possible as the majority of cinemas do not have pre-sized masking configurations for this aspect ratio.

Terms of Service


DCI – Universal CompatibilitySMPTE – Modern/Specialty Formats
2K2424, 25, 30
4K2424, 25, 30
HFR (2K)4848, 50, 60
Simple DCP handles conforming from dropframe to non-dropframe frame rates (e.g. 23.976 fps –> 24 fps)
We strongly recommend DCI compliance where possible in order to maintain universal compatibility with digital cinema equipment
  • Acceptable Formats: HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, DVCPROHD, XDCAM
  • If submitting 23.98 fps source material with pulldown, only advanced pulldown will be accepted
  • Client must indicate intended aspect ratio of anamorphic material
  • Multitrack audio must be clearly labeled

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences maintains strict guideline as to how DCPs must be formatted to qualify for an Oscar nomination.