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Simple DCP offers comprehensive service, support, and benefits to film festivals for Digital Cinema. Whether your festival is established or just getting off the ground, we are proud to serve as your partner in all things D-Cinema related.

No Upfront Costs
Technical support for festivals can prove to be both daunting and costly. Simple DCP has pioneered an approach that allows festivals the ability to confidently transition to Digital Cinema with no upfront costs to your festival. We accomplish this by working directly with your filmmakers to take the guesswork out of conversion and delivery. Filmmakers take full ownership of the mastering process leaving you free to focus on what’s important, putting on a great festival!
Technical Provisioning
Simple DCP provides turnkey technical solutions geared directly at optimizing your festival’s trafficking and quality control workflows.
Online Tools
Simple DCP can help you manage your print submissions and trafficking effortlessly with our unique easy-to-use online tools. Be proactive with print submissions and tracking
Partnerships/In-Kind Sponsorships Available
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Simple DCP provides unmatched benefits to filmmakers delivering to film festivals.

Free trafficking to partnered domestic festivals
Simple DCP provides FREE delivery to all of our partner festivals. Whether you master with us or any other lab, we handle all trafficking arrangements free of charge.
Discounted delivery to partner international festivals
Avoid the hassle of customs, import duties, and shipping costs by shipping your title with Simple DCP. We traffic your title at a fraction of the one-way shipping cost by consolidating multiple films on a single drive. We monitor your films progress responding to any delays in shipping and customs to ensure timely delivery. There’s also no need to worry about tying up your copy with an overseas film festival and waiting months to retrieve it.
Discounted Mastering
Filmmakers accepted to one of our partner festivals are entitled to exclusive discounted rates. Simply specify your festival association when requesting a quote and we apply the corresponding discount.

Discounts are subject to festival partnership terms.
Discounts do not apply to leased titles.

Technical compliance checks
We work directly with our partner festivals and their integrators to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their compliance standards and capabilities. We automatically cross reference that information with your assets to make sure your film is properly formatted to play without issue. It’s that simple.