Festival Partnerships

Simple DCP offers comprehensive service, support, and benefits to film festivals.

Whether your festival is established or just getting off the ground, we are proud to serve as your partner

Preferred Vendor
Better Pricing, Better Service
Ideal for mixed format festivals managing their own print traffic
Discounted Mastering
Free trafficking for archived titles
Online Submission Tools
File Transfer and Asset Management Solutions
Key Management
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Film Festival Alliance
Exclusively For FFA Members
Accept print submissions online for free!
High Speed MediaShuttle File Transfer Solution
Up to 5TB of free hosted storage
No limitations on file type, size, or transfer speed
Optional At-rest encryption
Optional CloudSpex File Validation
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Free trafficking to partnered domestic festivals
Simple DCP provides FREE delivery to all of our partner festivals. Whether you master with us or any other lab, we handle all trafficking arrangements free of charge.
Free Archival
We archive every film that passes through our offices. If you need a copy at any point in time, we keep it on file just for you
Technical compliance checks
We work directly with our partner festivals and their integrators to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their compliance standards and capabilities. We automatically cross reference that information with your assets to make sure your film is properly formatted to play without issue. It’s that simple.