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2 for 4K

Posted February 13, 2019

Introducing our new 2 for 4K offering. Simple DCP is proud to offer complementary 2K packaging for 4K DCPs! When you purchase a 4K DCP conversion, we will create a 2K copy of the DCP free of charge giving you ideal flexibility and control over your film’s exhibition. But wait, why? One of the more common questions we get at the lab is whether it […]

Sound levels in cinema

Posted January 23, 2019

Theatrical audio mixes differ from broadcast, disc, and online audio mixes in a number of ways. When delivering your files for DCP creation, it’s important to know what kind of a mix you have and how that will affect its perception in a theatrical environment. If you were to ask most people to visualize loudness, […]

Picking the Right Aspect Ratio

Posted January 1, 2018

Throughout film history directors, cinematographers, distributors, and exhibitors have engaged in a fierce battle of wills over the shape and size of projection formats. The history of aspect ratios is as fascinating as it is confusing. In theory, digital cinematography and filmmaking tools should afford us more options than ever before, but the practical realities […]